Winter Activities You Need To Book In Sweden

Swedish Lapland is a great winter destination. As long as you do not mind the freezing cold weather and the short daylight hours. 

From December to February temperatures can drop to as low as -30 degrees in some parts. Although, in most of Northern Sweden average temperature is -16 degrees. Everywhere is covered in snow, making it the perfect place for winter activities such as skiing, snowmobiling and lots more.

Due to the weather conditions, when you stay in Sweden, it is a good idea to book a couple of activities to do each day. As it’s too cold and difficult to go walking around and exploring the town you are staying in. Especially if you are staying in the middle of nowhere.

Sweden is a popular choice for those wanting to see the Northern Lights. But, as you know, the Northern Lights only appear at night, meaning you have the whole day to keep yourself occupied.

There is an activity for everyone, if you are a beginner or expert or if you want adventure or something more relaxed, I promise you, you will find something you will enjoy.

Below I have written a list of the best activities to do in Swedish Lapland and why you should add some to your itinerary. Just wrap up warm, have your camera ready and be prepared to have the best time in your life.

Dog Sledding

One of the most fun activities you can do in Northern Sweden is Dog Sledding. The beautiful and well looked after huskies will take you on a journey through the snow covered forests and stunning white mountains.

You can either ride your own sled or sit on one while a professional rides for you, giving you the chance to take in all the beauty around you.

Usually the tour company will provide you with all the outerwear to keep you warm and will give you a brief on how to ride the sled safely. Make sure to confirm this with the company you book with.

You can book dog sledding tours either for the morning, afternoon or evening. Evening tours usually go in search of the Northern Lights, making a memorable experience. But whichever tour you decide to book, I promise, you will have an amazing time.


Snowmobiling is for adventurous people. Drive your own snowmobile through the frozen lakes of Sweden while exploring the breath-taking landscapes and taking in all the wonderful views.

If you are lucky, you may even see some wildlife along the way. Some animals you may see include, reindeers, hare, and moose.

Depending on which tour company you book with, this activity can last between 2 hour up until 5 hours, most will also include lunch. Some of the best locations that offer snowmobiling are Kiruna, Lulea and Abisko. 

Sami Culture 

Did you know that most of the people that live in Swedish Lapland are known as the Sami People?

There are approximately 20 thousand Sami people living in Sweden. Spend the afternoon learning about their culture, traditions and history.

See how things have changed over the years, what difficulties they have faced and continue to face, and learn about the traditions they still hold on to today.

While on some tours they offer the opportunity to meet reindeer, you will also find out why reindeer are so important in this culture.

For centuries, Jokkmokk in Northern Sweden, has been the most popular village for the Sami people and every first Thursday in February this village gets together to celebrate their beautiful culture.

Ice Hotel

You can’t go to Swedish Lapland and not visit the Ice Hotel. In Jukkasjarvi, 200km from the Arctic Circle, you will find the first ever Ice Hotel to be built, (built in 1989).

You will not want to miss the spectacular art designs made of Ice in each of their Ice Rooms.

The rooms are made of ice, with a temperature of -7 degrees and each room has its own unique design, no two rooms are the same.

You can also spend a night in one of the rooms if you dare.

Before you leave, book yourself on to an Ice Sculpting activity and have a go at making your own piece of art.

Sauna Ritual

After spending the previous night out in the freezing cold watching the magical Northern Lights, there is no better way to spend the next day.

Sauna ritual is a big thing to the Swedish and is a great way to relax your body and mind. This activity is available to book with the Ice Hotel and lasts for 2.5 hours.

In those 2.5 hours you will spend time in the sauna, step outside to cool down in the shower or bath by the fire to keep you warm and also enjoy some light snacks.

You will also be provided with spa products to complete the Sauna ritual. 

Photography Tour

Sweden is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. Picturesque views no matter where you are, frozen lakes and snow covered forests & mountains.

Booking a photography tour is the best way to ensure you take the most wonderful pictures, whether it’s for your social media, your blog or just to keep for yourself for memories.

Choose between landscape photography, wildlife photography or even Aurora Borealis photography tours.

I recommend the 4 hour Abisko Landscape Photography Adventure. On this tour a professional will teach you the basics of photography, how to set your camera and then take you out to stunning locations such as the ‘Arctic Birch Forest’ and the ‘Abisko River Canyon’.

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  1. This all sounds amazing. I honestly have never really thought about vacationing in Sweden, but this definitely makes me want to! Thanks so much for sharing!

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