99 Helpful Blog Post Ideas For Travel Bloggers

Are you struggling to come up with engaging content? Or topics that are SEO-Optimized? If you’re a travel blogger, you have come to the right place.

When we are abroad there are so many content ideas flying around. But, what do you write about when you’re stuck at home with no travel plans coming up soon? 

There are many things you can write about on just one trip. From itineraries to favourite things and recommendations. 

Before we go through the list of blog post ideas, let’s go through how you can decide on which topics to write about.

First, let’s look at your niche. Is your blog about a specific topic in the travel niche? For example, maybe you write about places and things to do in the USA, or maybe your niche is travelling with kids. 

When picking a topic to write about you will want to stay in your niche. You don’t want to write about something irrelevant to your blog just because it’s a popular topic. You will also want to write something that will help resolve your reader’s problem. Make it about them, not you.

Secondly, you will need to do keyword research to help you find what people are looking for and interested in reading. Doing keyword research will not only help you figure out what to write about, but it will also be a step closer to ranking on google. It’s a win-win situation.

I recommend creating a content calendar and planning in advance what you’re going to write about.

Now, let’s go on to the list of blog post ideas to help you with inspiration the next time you are struggling with your content.

Note: Things like cities and countries can be changed to whatever applies to your blog.

A ‘Top’ List

These types of topics are popular with travel bloggers. They are a great way to share your favourite things about a destination in one blog post. When writing a ‘top’ list, I recommend adding a number. For example, ‘Top 10’ or ‘Top 50’. Include the relevant number in your header.

  1. Top cities to visit alone
  2. Top cities to visit in Europe
  3. Top cities to visit in Spain
  4. Top European countries to visit in November
  5. Top small cities to visit in the USA
  6. Top cities to visit worldwide
  7. Top places to visit in Germany in the Summer
  8. Top destinations for couples
  9. Top child-friendly cities in Europe
  10. Australia’s top cities to visit

Special events

Make sure to keep note of important dates on your content calendar. Add a reminder at least 1 month or so in advance to write and publish relevant blog posts. 

  1. Best Christmas things to do in London
  2. Christmas gift ideas for someone who travels
  3. Fun Christmas things to do in New Jersey
  4. Best Christmas travel destinations
  5. Best Christmas Markets in Europe
  6. Spa break Ideas for Mothers Day
  7. Weekend away ideas for Easter break
  8. Best Easter Holiday destinations in Europe
  9. Easter break family trip ideas
  10. Best Father’s day getaways

Help other bloggers 

As a travel blogger, you can share your knowledge with others. Bloggers love to help each other out with advice and tips so why not write some posts about blogging?

  1. How to start a travel blog in 2023
  2. How to become a travel blogger in 2023
  3. Best travel blogs on Instagram
  4. Best travel vloggers on YouTube
  5. Day in a life of a travel blogger
  6. Why you should use Pinterest for your blog
  7. Mistakes I have made as a blogger
  8. How to monetize your blog
  9. Is starting a travel blog worth it?
  10. Pros and cons of being a travel blogger
  11. Best affiliate programs for travel bloggers
  12. Best apps to use while travelling
  13. Traveller must-haves
  14. Travel blog name ideas
  15. Top 10 travel blogs you need to check out
  16. Top 5 podcasts every blogger should listen to
  17. Freebie ideas to get more subscribers
  18. How to use social media for your blog 
  19. What I learned in my first year of blogging 
  20. What travelling has taught me
  21. Travelling with anxiety – How to cope
  22. How to stay safe while travelling 
  23. How to grow your email list 
  24. How to get more readers for your blog
  25. What I wish I had known about blogging when I started

For different types of travellers 

Write posts relevant to a specific type of traveller. For example, solo travellers, travel with kids, etc…

  1. Safe destinations for solo travellers
  2. Best countries to visit as a solo traveller
  3. Best hostels for solo travellers
  4. How to meet new people as a solo traveller
  5. Best places to travel with family
  6. Top family-friendly holiday destinations
  7. Child-friendly places to travel to in the USA
  8. Top all-inclusive child-friendly destinations
  9. Child-friendly holidays to Portugal
  10. Best cities to visit as a couple in Europe
  11. Fun places to travel as a couple
  12. Tips for travelling with a toddler


Travelling around the world means staying in different types of accommodation. This is a great topic to talk about and will help people decide where they would like to stay at their destination.

  1. Best hotels in Ibiza for couples
  2. Best all-inclusive hotels for families
  3. Hotels in Spain you need to stay at
  4. Top hostels in Europe for solo travellers
  5. Best luxury hotels in Italy


  1. Fun activities in Cyprus you need to try
  2. Winter activities you need to try in Lapland
  3. Top 5 hiking trails in the Azores
  4. Best countries in Europe for adventure travel
  5. Best water activities you must try in Ibiza
  6. Top bucket list experiences to have in Europe
  7. Adventure destination ideas for a family
  8. Adventure travel ideas in Portugal

Travel products 

Give your readers recommendations on products you swear by and can’t live without when travelling.

  1. Packing essentials every traveller needs
  2. Packing essentials when travelling with children
  3. What to pack for a winter holiday 
  4. How to prepare your skin for the appropriate weather
  5. Best backpacks for travelling
  6. 10 Airport outfit ideas
  7. Travel books you need to read
  8. Best cameras for travellers
  9. List of travel essentials for every traveller 
  10. Amazing travel accessories you will love


Itineraries are great blog posts as they give people inspiration and ideas. Putting together details itineraries can really help your readers.

  1. Two-week road trip itinerary in Andalucia
  2. Two-week itinerary by train through Europe
  3. 3 Day city break itinerary in London
  4. Top 10 best Europe itineraries
  5. Top 10 best 2-week itineraries
  6. One week itinerary island hopping in Greece
  7. Best Italy 10-day itineraries
  8. Top 5 road trip itineraries in Portugal
  9. How to create the perfect travel itinerary


People are always online looking for reviews before purchasing an item. This is great opportunity to write an honest review and show the readers they can trust you.

  1. What it’s really like staying at the Ice Hotel in Sweden
  2. Is all-inclusive hotels really worth it?
  3. Which camera I recommend for travel photos
  4. The best and worst apps for travellers
  5. Are cruises ideal for families?

Posts about your hometown

Sometimes you don’t even need to travel abroad to have the stuff to write about. Everything you need can be found right at your doorstep. Why not talk about your hometown? 

  1. Things to do/see in ‘hometown name’
  2. Restaurants you need to try
  3. Spend a day in ‘hometown’ itinerary 
  4. Reasons why you need to visit ‘hometown’
  5. What you don’t know about ‘hometown’

9 thoughts on “99 Helpful Blog Post Ideas For Travel Bloggers”

  1. I saved all these ideas because I’m always looking for new blog post ideas! I love writing travel posts but sometimes struggle to stretch content from one trip.

  2. Love these ideas! I definitely doubled-down on my local content during the pandemic, and it’s so easy to write about where you live and keep coming up with new ideas because you’re right there in the middle of the action

  3. This is a great last talked pull up some great idea thank you for sharing. If I ever switch up niches and go to travel I will definitely be keeping this list close!!

  4. This is a great list of ideas! The first bit of advice that fellow bloggers gave me was what you mentioned about writing good content with solutions for the readers. I feel this definitely makes you a better blogger. I can’t wait to read your blogs with the new ideas. Thank you for sharing!

  5. These are really good blog post topics. Very detailed. I’m sure a lot of travel bloggers will find it useful

  6. Great post ideas! I’m not a travel blogger, but I can imagine it might be hard to thing of topics when you’re not actively traveling. I think packing lists, travel prep, travel books and safety tips are especially good ideas for these times

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