7 Affordable Things To Do In Porto With Kids

Porto, is the second largest city after Lisbon, in Portugal. Located in Northern Portugal, it is full of Colourful buildings, cobbled streets, and has a charming old town centre. Porto is an underrated city that deserves to be explored.

While an all-inclusive holiday may seem like the easier option for any holiday with kids, a city break in Porto will surprise you. Believe it or not, Porto is a child-friendly destination, no matter how little your child is, I guarantee you there will be something to do.

Porto makes the perfect destination whether it’s for a weekend away or for the summer break there is always something to do with the family and enough to keep the little ones busy. All while staying on a budget.

Getting around isn’t hard at all. You can easily get around on foot. However, I know with kids walking can quickly become tiring and stressful. You will probably rely on buses and trains. Luckily, there is regular public transport in and around Porto. 

Buses are the best way to get around as they go to more places than trains. STCP is the bus company you will need to look out for. I recommend downloading their app so you can plan your journey and see which bus you need to get. There are different buses depending on where you want to go. 

Usually, 4-5 days in Porto is enough to experience this beautiful city. If you plan on staying for longer, you can combine Porto with another city in Northern Portugal where you will find more fun things to do with the family.

Porto. Porto Bridge. City break in Porto

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When travelling with kids, the one thing you want to avoid is wasting time in queues. I recommend booking activities in advance to ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible.

I like to use viator.com to book activities. They show everything available at competitive prices. They are also great if you want to change/cancel your activity.  

How To Get There

Aeroporto Francisco Sa Carneiro is the only international airport in Porto. You can use a direct flight depending on where you are traveling from. Some flights may fly via Lisbon, where you will then need to change and catch a flight to Porto. Click here to check for the best flight options.

The centre of Porto is approximately 15 mins away from the airport. You can use taxis, uber, or pre-book a transfer to the hotel. 

Now, let’s get to it. Here are the top 7 affordable things to do in Porto with Kids.

Sea Life Aquarium 

Sea life Aquarium is located in Matosinhos, approximately 40 minutes bus journey from Porto town centre. It is the second largest aquarium in Portugal, after the one in Lisbon.

Go on a journey with your little ones through the aquarium seeing over 3000 species, including, sharks, penguins and, turtles.

Fun facts are spread across the aquarium so you can turn your trip into an exciting and educational day, keeping those kids entertained. There are also many talks and feeding sessions throughout the day too.

Learn about which species are at risk of becoming extinct while teaching kids what they can do to help keep the ocean clean.

Adult tickets are 15.50euros, a Child ticket is 10.50euros, and kids under 3 go free. 

Sea Life Aquarium Porto

Zoo Santo Inacio

Zoo Santo Inacio is home to 600 animals – 200 species from around the world. Take the kids to see giraffes, tigers and many more amazing animals that they will love. 

There is a glass tunnel that you can walk through and see the lions walking above you. Also, dark rooms where you will find all sorts of reptiles, and interesting night creatures too.

Throughout the day you will get the chance to meet a zoo keeper and learn more about the animals and see them being fed. Make sure to ask for more information such as the timings, at the entry.

Ticket prices are from 17.90 euros per adult, 11.90 euros per child over the age of 3 and under 3’s go free.

Zoo Santo Inacio Porto

Zoo de Maia

A smaller zoo to the previous one but equally as good and worth visiting.  Zoo de Maia, located in Maia, is in the outskirts of Porto. The easiest way to get there is by bus and takes approximately 45mins each way.

Let the kids run around and see the mammals, reptiles, and birds. There is even a brown bear, which the kids will love to see. 

You will be able to feed some of the animals so don’t forget to ask.

Zoo de Maia

Matosinhos beach

Step away from the city and spend the day at Matosinhos beach, one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Porto.

The water is cold due to it being the Atlantic, however, it’s a great beach for kids to play in the sand.

There are a few cafes and restaurants offering snacks, lunch, and dinner so you don’t need to worry about running out of snacks for your kids.

Matosinhos beach is also one of the best locations in Porto to watch the sunset.

Six bridges cruise

Try something different and add a fun boat ride to you itinerary. Sail through the River Douro while you enjoy the panoramic views and the kids enjoy the journey.

The boat trip takes 50 minutes so not long enough for the kids to get bored, but long enough to have a fun time together as a family.

The boat sails past the 6 main bridges that join Porto to its neighbour town, Vila Nova de Gaia. All 6 bridges are different from each other and you will learn about their history.

Prices are from 13 euros per person, and under 3’s go free.

Porto Six Bridges Cruise

World of  Discoveries

World of Discoveries is a great interactive museum that teaches you about the history of Portugal in a fun way with activities and even a boat ride. 

On the boat trip will travel back in time and go through the journey of Portugal’s discovery.

Tickets are 15 euros per adult, 9 euros per child and under 3’s go free.

Cable Car + Playground 

If you cross the famous Dom Luis I Bridge you will end up in Vila Nova de Gaia. You can either walk or take the tram. If you can, I recommend walking. It’s a lovely walk, you will see stunning views from the bridge and get beautiful pictures too. 

Once you are in the other side of the bridge, you will find the cable cars. The cable cars take 5 minutes each way offering panoramic views of Porto. This is a must went visiting Porto.

Nearby the entry there is a small playground. The perfect place to let the little ones have a run around and use up all their energy before bed time.

Porto Bridge. Cable Cars

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