About Me

I’m Cristiana, the blogger behind Maps and Sunsets.

Since 2016, while working as a travel agent, I began travelling to many exciting places in Europe. I have been to well-known places as well as places that are not so popular and still waiting to be discovered.

I have ticked things off my bucket list, like spending the night at the IceHotel in Sweden, seeing the Northern lights in Norway, and watching the sunset while going on a husky sled ride (also in Norway).

In 2019, after spending a few years travelling to beautiful and amazing new places, I realised I really wanted to share it with the world. That’s how the idea of Maps and Sunsets started.

My goal is to help people organise the perfect itinerary for their trip, discover a continent that is packed with hidden gems and also, like me, start ticking off dreams on their bucket list (maybe add new stuff to the list too).

I want to show you how to make the most of your trips, whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple, as a family or with friends, to discover new adventures and have once in a lifetime experiences.

In early 2021, I felt like I wanted to do more, so after having my beautiful baby girl I decided to become a full time blogger and dedicate all my free time to my website to help others also start their own blogging journey and monetize their blog.

Get to know me

How it all started

I was born in Northern Portugal and moved to London over 20 years ago. I studied Travel and Tourism and Digital Marketing. In 2011 I got my first job working as a travel agent and since then I have worked for 3 different travel companies. In 2016 I started travelling for work, visiting hotels and exploring new places. I have travelled solo and also with others.

Memorable experiences 

I once spent the night at the Ice Hotel in a room made of ice at minus 7 degrees. Definitely a night I will never forget. Also seeing the Northern Lights 3 nights in a row in Tromso, Norway was unforgettable.

Underrated destination 

The Azores. I have visited 4 out of the 9 islands. It’s not somewhere I would have ever thought to visit if I hadn’t gone on a work trip, but I am so glad I did. Each island is unique from one another, there is so much history and culture waiting to be discovered.

My favourite trip

I once went on a road trip in Northern Sweden and I loved it. Sweden is such a beautiful country, people are friendly and their lifestyle is so different. If I could move to anywhere in the world it would definitely be Sweden.

Cristiana xx

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